It’s taken a lot of hard work, sweat (yuk!) and, erm, tears (lots of ’em!), but we’re nearly ready to open!

I must start by thanking my friends, family and team for all their help and support while building up to the opening, which has included digging out foundations, building doggy houses, painting and preserving them, levelling out, weeding, putting up fencing, keeping naughty cattle and sheep out in comic fashion, and so much more!

Doggies really are, as anyone that knows me is fully aware, my passion. I love them so much, and am fascinated by their different behaviours, habits and foibles, whatever their breed, pedigree, size or age. I’m a firm believer than no two dogs are the same, and spend my time thinking about how I can understand each dog better, and meet their individual needs. I also think – as most dog behaviourists do – that dogs need both company, exercise, variety and stimulation. And I intend to give each of the dogs just that when they come to play with me and my team at Rachel’s Woofers.

I’ve been wanting to build something like Rachel’s Woofers for so long, but never thought it’d happen. But now it is happening, and it’s a bit scary… in a really exciting way!

We won’t have absolutely everything ready to go when we first open, but we know we’re just about there now in terms of being ready to open. We’ll be using this blog and our other communication channels to keep you up-to-date with improvements and new features that we’ll be introducing in the coming weeks and months.


In the meantime, we welcome doggy owners in the area – Wetherby, Collingham, Boston Spa, Tadcaster, Bardsey, East Keswick and all surrounding villages – to either come and pay us a visit or give me a call on 01937 519 669 (this number links to my mobile, so you can reach me night or day). Hopefully, you’ll like what you see or hear, and will consider sending your doggy to come and play with us!

Signing off for now (there’s still work to be done!),

Rachel xx